The Spacebook


The Spacebook is (will be) a physical book! We’re planning three different books – designed for kids, teenagers and adults. Each book will provide the means for the Spacebooker to learn and integrate open awareness into their lives.

Spacebook Sam
Spacebook Sam

Kids can draw a picture in their Spacebook during each session, following the guidance of ‘Spacebook Sam’ who appears on each page of the book – encouraging kids to enjoy using their Spacebook on a regular basis.

Jana and Jevon incorporate spacebooking in their integral approach to parenting and the home/travel education that they provide to their two children.

The Spacebook will include tips to make best use of the book, with day by day guidelines and motivation to keep using it regularly, along with inspirational quotes to uplift your spacebooking journey.

Spacebooking is a form of journaling, but with the addition of facilitated  open awareness sessions and related resources to stimulate and enrich the process. Our aim is to make journaling fun for kids, appealing and constructive for teenagers, and to serve adults as a meaningful and stimulating process.

SpacebookSpacebooking can be helpful for problem solving, brain storming, gaining creative inspiration, personal development, dealing with issues like stress, anxiety, fear, loss and transition, as well as for resolving trauma (with the support of a Licensed Open Awareness Facilitator)

The Spacebook Challenge (SC) involves committing to daily spacebooking or 5, 10, 30, 60, 180, or 365 days. At the end of each week and month, and at the end of your selected period, you are encouraged to read all your entries and to reflect on what this reveals about you and what you have learned about yourself as a result of the process.

The SC App is something that we would like to have developed for users to be able to structure and regulate their SC. We are currently seeking a sponsor or partner to have a SC App developed. Feel free to contact us if this interests you, or if you know of a potential sponsor or partner.

The physical Spacebook is still being created and will be for sale as soon as it is available (hopefully during 2019).